Community Manager for Reactive Roadshow

Create Communities Around Europe

Community Manager for Reactive Roadshow

Create Communities Around Europe

Are you a people person? Do you love making new friends? Don’t mind waking up every morning in a different city? Become a part of our Reactive team and help to spread it throughout Europe.

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What Is Reactive?

ReactiveConf is a Bratislava tech event attracting 30+ speakers and 700+ attendees from all around the world.

We have been getting lots of requests from local communities around Europe for hosting the event in their city. As a response for that, we have created Reactive Roadshow, regular monthly events taking place directly in various European cities. As of today, we attract 100 attendees in Prague, Brno, Vienna and Bratislava, every month.

We bring international speakers from Europe, United States, Russia, or even Australia and take them on a 5-day long roadshow during which they give a talk in 5 local communities.


What Does It Take to Do a Roadshow?

You plan all the logistics of the event. That includes setting up dates with speakers and local communities, booking flights and hotels, and bringing the swag. You take a care of the speaker’s needs and wishes i.e. getting a quiet place with Wi-Fi to rehearse, or sightseeing the city.

You promote the event on the social media, local tech media, and in local communities. You build and manage partnerships with local co-workings and influencers.

You help local sponsors presenting themselves appropriately getting a value out of the event.

You oversight the brand both onsite and online. You make the photo and video documentation of the roadshow and work closely with our graphic designer when needed.

You check the event is happening in conformance with the guidelines. You write a report after each event and constantly work on improving the guidelines themselves.

You do organize 2 roadshows a month, e.g. spend 10 days traveling through 10 cities with 2 speakers.

Key Benefits

You will travel all over Europe and visit cities like London, Berlin, Cologne, Warsaw, Prague, and others.

You will connect with local communities and partners all over Europe.

You will learn to organize and manage a logistic of international events.

We can provide you with company flat.

Work in Vacuum

Key Requirements

Strong Communication Skills

You are fluent in in written and spoken English. You are comfortable with public speaking. You are a thorough and emphatic listener and can sense the mood of our sponsors, partners, and attendees. You are eager to make new friends, approach strangers and sell the idea of Reactive Roadshow to new people.

Passion and Can Do Attitude

You are eager to always improve the event, learn from mistakes and seek new opportunities.

Organizational Skills

You will work with several partners in each city. It is essential that you are capable managing your priorities, time and check on the deadlines and deliverables of all the parties.


You don’t rely on higher authority to make day to day decisions. You will spend half of your time in alien cities and it is extremely important that you can make decisions even when there is nobody whom could you consult with.


While you take seriously the guidelines for the event, you don’t follow them blindly. If there is something missing in guidelines or does not work in this particular situation, you improvise and improve the guidelines afterward. Guidelines are living document to be constantly challenged and improved.

Hard Skills

You are able to learn basics of Photoshop, video recording, video editing, and photographing.

You are capable managing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other online platforms.

You are a good writer and have a feeling for aesthetics.

It is essential that you know how to drive a car.

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